Monday, January 28, 2008

Climbing the Stairs

We live in a 1-story house that has these amazingly steep steps up the front to the porch. I always carry the Biscuit up the stairs when we go in the front door (we usually go in the back door). This past weekend, my husband put the Biscuit down at the bottom of the steps and said, "Mommy watch."

My brilliant child walked up the 6 or so steps, holding on to the rail with both hands, with no assistance at all. Apparently, he had done the same when he went to visit his Paw Paw so the hubby wanted to check to see if he could do it at the house. Let me stress again that we don't have stairs so this truly is a bit amazing to us.

I had the blessing of taking 2 semesters of a perpetual motor therapy development class during college. In class, we worked with kids who were challenged by motor development. I worked with a girl who had ADHD. Our two goals were to 1 - walk up a flight of stairs correctly and 2 - tie her shoes by herself. She was 6-years old. Many kids walk up stairs when they are learning by going up sideways. The Biscuit walked straight and held on with both hands (one crossed over his body).

This is why I am so amazed with the little magician. He truly is magic to me. I guess we'll start working on tying shoes now.

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