Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Longest Potty Training EVER

Oh loyal readers. After a 3-month hiatus I am, perhaps, back in the saddle again. Much has happened in 3 months, but I will be true to blog form and keep it short, sweet, and single-topic (yeah right). Well, I will do my best.

Sadly (for me), I am still potty training the Biscuit. He's about 50/50 (in the potty/in the pull-up) right now. I've taken the stance of a low-pressure potty training approach. So, how did I get him this far?
  1. As noted before, the Biscuit picked out his own potty (to get him excited).
  2. I read Bye Bye Diaper as much as the Biscuit can stand it.
  3. I created a Potty Chart that I proudly hung on the back of the bathroom door where the potty is.
  4. Success = an Elmo sticker on the potty chart for each sucessful potty (2 for poop).
  5. On the weekends, we step up from the pull-up and wear big-boy underwear and try to go potty every 45 minutes.
  6. We do the potty dance whenever we are successful.
  7. I thank the Biscuit for trying if he sits for a while and can't potty and tell him that I know it is frustrating.

As with all things, I know he's smart and he "gets it." When he's ready to go full time potty, he'll let me know.