Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spite Pee

Well, as usual, I am way too optimistic about the Biscuit and his early successes. It seems he's resorted back to his old ways and worse... we've now entered the phase of peeing for spite. I thought it would be fun tonight to blog during my current nighttime drama. So let me bring you up to speed.

Using our typical toddler routine, we have given the Biscuit a bath, read 2 stories, pottied, and tucked in to bed. So far, the Biscuit has already been to the potty twice and peed on his sheets once. Ahhhh. There he is again, going to the potty.

Now, to be fair to the Biscuit, he has had to embrace several changes in his routine this week. I let down his crib railing and introduced his big boy bed into the room (the hope was that he would choose to move from the crib to the big boy bed on his own). He typically chooses to sleep in the big boy bed now.

Last night was a humdinger for me (ahhh, another flush of the toilet. I am AMAZED at how much pee he is actually able to conjure up for each of these little visits to the potty!). First, the Biscuit flushed his pacifier down the toilet (a repeat from an accidental flush a few nights ago). The good news is that his choosing to flush it down the toilet was his way of breaking his own habit. He didn't ask for pacifier tonight as he knew he had said "bye-bye" to it last night.

So, no crib rail -- oops, had to break to go put him back to bed. No crib rail, big boy bed, no paci... that's a lot to take in all at once. I decided tonight I'd try a Supernanny approach: first time I tell him to go to sleep and escort him back to bed and from then on, no words just putting him back in the bed. I, of course, have a complicated situation in that 9 times out of 10 the Underpants Gnomes have stolen his clothes so I have to wrangle a 40-lb toddler back into undies and PJ bottoms that he doesn't want back on.

It's quite aggravating not knowing how to handle these situations. Google offered little help on the subject returning primarily results related to pets. Help folks! What's a mom to do?

40 minutes in... he's still squirming in there. I imagine we have a few more episodes left before he truly settles down for the night. And there you have it "Ma! I pee pee on my bed." back in a few folks...

50 mins in... another sheet changing, another visit from the Underpants Gnomes. I'm running out of sheets. Here we go again... another pee pee.

55 mins in... obviously I am doing something wrong. How has it happened? My toddler is now taming ME. Well, looks like it'll be a long night folks. I'll be checking back in. Got any tips for me, please share. Clearly, I need the help.


MamaCat said...

Update: 2 hours, 20 mins in. The Biscuit "seems" to be asleep and is fully clothed.

Anonymous said...

One thing we heard from K's teacher yesterday was the concept of consequences. Biscuit is probably old enough to understand if this then this type stuff. So, maybe if he is spite peeing he should pay some penalty.

MamaCat said...

Yes, I actually did try the consequences thing with the Biscuit too and it worked... when the time between the offense + penalty and the next offense opportunity is short. So, on the weekend, when I could "take away" a toy for bad behavior at bedtime and then he could behave better at naptime the next day and get the toy back, it worked fine. But when he went back to daycar eduring the week (and I attempted the same take away) it didn't work and I expect it may have been b/c there was too much time between his nap/bed time for the consequence and reward to set in. If it works for you, tho, please come back and update. I'm willing to try again.