Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Me and My Shadow

The other day, I noticed that the Biscuit was behaving rather strangely. He was walking backwards away from a wall and then forwards in a repeated motion. Thoughts of "uh-oh, we've got a crazy one on our hands" did occur to me.

I realized, however, that the Biscuit had found his shadow. The husband and I were delighted! "He's your friend Biscuit!" we shouted to him. The Biscuit was amused with his new friend and desperately wanted to touch him so he kept moving toward the wall to try and get closer.

Ahhhh. A developmental milestone reached. A world of imagination begins. We can't wait to get him outside so we can have him jump and try and chase his new friend. Gotta make sure we have the video camera so we can record the moment and send it to the America's Funniest show.

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