Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Littlest Knight

The Biscuit has always been a mama's boy, but lately it has been going to the extreme. His possessiveness of me has even transferred to protection of me from the Biscuit's daddy. When my husband comes home in the evening (well, when I come home I should say) my husband walks over and gives me a kiss. Lately when he's been doing this, the Biscuit comes running over and says, "No daddy!"

This behavior extends to hugs and any sort of affection that I get from my husband. The Biscuit still loves both of us just the same as he always has, but he's vocally not "okay" with my husband having any sort of closeness to me. The behavior doesn't apply to my parents or anyone else that comes in close proximity to me (except for other children at daycare who may approach me. He is NOT okay with that at all).

I suppose it's just a little weird for me to see the Oedipal behavior in reality (or is it Electra). I guess those Greeks really knew what they were talking about. I look forward to the day that the Biscuit outgrows it. He truly has regressed lately with the new chivalry. It's almost impossible to leave him at school in the mornings (as he has firmly attached himself to my leg). Any advice (or words of reassurance that this will end)?

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